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About Liz

Inspired by the Scottish Borders

I live and work in the Scottish Borders which never fails to bring me inspiration and challenge!
I am most at home with a bit of space around me, enjoying the company of the fields that surround my house. I walk the local fields each day with my dogs, often taking the same route which allows me to feel as though I “know” the landscape on my route, and see it change day by day.

My seascapes are often inspired by the beaches of Berwickshire and East Lothian, where I find the rocky headlands and the fickle changing of the sea a source of constant delight and absorption.

I use many different types of medium in my work, oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil and often combine them in mixed media pieces. Most of my work is begun with sketching on site, and then moving into the studio.

I am also one of the partners at Allanbank Arts a small, thriving social enterprise based in the Scottish Borders, and as a facilitator and consultant specializing in participatory research.

My work is all available to be seen at my studio – please use the contact form for more details.

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