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Liz’s work is primarily contemporary abstract landscape painting which captures the expanse and
power of the sea, sky, and land. Rich colour, bold line and layering define her work.


"I paint to capture
the joy and melancholy of the world without and within. Taking my inspiration from the ever-
changing beauty and light of the Scottish Borders, from sounds, memories, conversations, and those I
love. Shape, structure, line, and form of the natural world inspire my work and yet it is often colour
which intrigues me the most. Colour can move my paintings from the more representative towards
fuller abstraction, and through the use of colour I attempt to communicate the “feeling texture” of
the piece. Peace, pain, joy, love and a sense of fun all reside somewhere in my work, as they do in us
all. Finding solace and peace within the beauty and challenges of nature in this beautiful part of our

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